Light Coffee Talk, Relaunches 

Thu, 10/13/2022 - 11:46
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Light Coffee Talk is a weekly empowerment session for Light Project partner sellers. On Wednesday, August 3, 2022, the Light Coffee Talk was relaunched by means of a zoom app. This online event hosted by Sir Next Layderos was participated by some loyal resellers, dealers, distributors of Light Project, and some interested entrepreneurs. Moreover, Mr. Jesse James Llamado, the Chairman of Elevaxion Philippines also joined during the said event. 


In this Light Coffee talk, the resource speakers Mr. Jo Ephraim Lopez, the owner of Rachela Café, and Mr. Venchito Tampon, the founder of Hills and Valleys Coffee, shared their testimonies about how their coffee businesses made it to thrive amidst the challenges they faced as entrepreneurs.  


Image of Mr Jo Ephraim Lopez


Mr. Jo Ephraim Lopez, a law school graduate, opened their coffee business on March 6, 2020, which was a few days before the pandemic had started. As he recalled, their business location was surrounded by nearby high schools in Tarlac which used to serve as a hang-out place for the students, a student lounge, and a meeting place with friends. When the pandemic began, they asked the Lord for wisdom and consulted Him on what they would do with their investment products and how they would exactly do as it might largely affect their business that recently launched. Suddenly, God opened up their hearts for the front liners to serve them with the delightful Rachela Café’s brewed coffee with encouraging, comforting, and well-loved Bible verses. By God’s grace, they were able to share 1, 200 cups of their brewed coffee. With the struggles they encountered during the pandemic, God has touched the hearts of some of their friends to help them out in their deliveries. Because of this, they were greatly encouraged and their coffee business also survived. In 2021, they were able to move from 23 square meters to a 30-40 square meter location which is currently being used for Bible studies, Victory groups, and some events. Ms. Julie Ann Joy Garcia, their business partner said, “Pwede pala sa isang business na hindi lang siya money-making, but it is a business that will glorify God. And ‘yun ‘yung [parang] vision talaga na pinanghawakan namin ever since. It’s for the glory of God. It’s not just money-making. Yes, it is useful for us pero at the center of it all, above all, si Lord pa rin.” 


Image of Mr. Venchito Tampon


On the other hand, Mr. Venchito Tampon, a digital marketer, a Digital Marketing  

Company owner and motivational speaker put up his coffee business during the post-pandemic. He shared how his career started and how his own digital marketing company was born, his timeline of successes as an entrepreneur, and how he ventures into a new business. And yes, from working as a content writer, he is now a coffee business owner! 


In his testimony, he revealed that he used to go to coffee shops with his friend  Adrianne De Guzman. Sharing each other’s struggles and witnessing both the lows and highs in their friendship, they were able to think and plan a business.  


“Ako po kasi naniniwala ako, na in business, we can also create startup to create businesses po sa out of friendship, na hindi po natin kailangan humanap pa ng business partners outside our circles. Pwede po tayong makahanap ng mga business partners inside our circles, ‘yung mga kaibigan po natin. Kasi, nandoon na ‘yung tiwala. Nandoon na ‘yung foundation po nung relationship.” Venchito underscored.  


With their combined experiences and background knowledge about the food and beverage industry, marketing, and digital marketing, and with the same interest in coffee, they collaborated well to give birth to Venchito’s new venture. As they were planning it, Adrianne and Venchito faced some challenges in looking for the right location for their business until God brought them to the right place. They also experienced some discouragements and disappointments along the way asking God if they would still pursue this business, but by God’s grace and through detailed planning, they were able to finalize their business plan in two months, even though Venchito was preparing for his wedding at the same time. By God’s grace, this June 25, 2022, the Hills and Valleys Coffee was launched in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. “Your Coffee through ups and downs”, their official tagline was conceptualized because Venchito believed that coffee, as well as God’s Presence, is truly present during difficult and triumphant days in people’s lives. Indeed, they produced inspirational content which can be visible in their coffee shop as well as on their social media pages. As part of their marketing strategies, Venchito shared their campaigns like International Friendship Day and their rewards system which assure them that customers will get back to the shop to buy and experience their affordable coffee products. He ended his talk, by reminding us to trust in God’s timing, elevate our faith, and always be asking God for wisdom. “Ask with bold faith. Keep believing in God’s Promises. Make your God-given vision a reality.” he said. 


Image of Ms. Janicca Bustillo

After these inspiring testimonies, the Light Project Specialist Ms. Janicca  Bustillo whose tagline is “Love your wellness and be blessed!”, explained to the participants how to register as a reseller, dealer, and distributor. Light Project aims to support financially in the production of Light TV Shows, to sustain jobs for Stevia farmers located at Bulacan, and to support Stevia farm scholars who are the children of the Stevia farmers.  


Author: Lucky Joy SalazarWriter, New Media Unit, Light TV - God's Channel of Blessings

Proofread and Edited by: Mark Joseph Espinosa, Unit Head, New Media Unit, Light TV - God's Channel of Blessings